GB AGENCY Exhibit at Paris+ by Art Basel 2022 – Picture Preview

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gb agency PARIS+ ART BASEL
Dove Allouche, Gypsum Flowers II, 2019 Courtesy of Dove Allouche & gb agency

Gallery Address:

gb agency
18 rue des Quatre Fils
75003 Paris


Tuesday to Friday : 10 am–1pm and 2pm–6pm
Saturday 11am-7pm

Concurrent Exhibition(s):

Omer Fast solo show at Chapelle des Petits-Augustins, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris

Visit the gb agency website here.

gb agency PARIS+ ART BASEL
Cally Spooner Murderous Public Drinking Fountain, 2022 Courtesy of Cally Spooner & gb agency, Paris

As part of SITES during Paris + by Art Basel 2022, gb agency is delighted to present the solo show by Omer Fast at Chapelle des Petits-Augustins, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris.

Omer Fast’s exhibition of video works is punctuated by sculptures and drawings: portraits of Max Beckmann pinned on some crates, copies of copies of copies exhausting the traumatized face of the German artist, one eye open and the other closed, revealing the void the war has left; and sculptures produced during Covid lockdown, appearing as parasites or mutant forms that have infested the space, constructing a parallel narrative that links the works together. The exhibition is built from stereotypes and archetypes in which masks, ghosts and nomads tell stories from the past that shed light on the present, or perhaps stories from the present that exploit the past in digressions and loops between documentary and fiction. The stories are built from different sources, literary and documentary, questioning the patterns and symbols that constitute them.

In Karla, 2020 (video), a face, a talking hologram, floats in a room. The real Karla works to filter out offensive images and texts for one of the internet’s great platforms. How can we view such images today and how are they removed from circulation? Karla’s anonymous testimony is replayed by an actress whose face has been scanned to convert each of her expressions and emotions into digital data. The progressive morphing of her face seems to accompany the fragile construction of her story. Karla, both the witness and the ghostly presence, recounts her role, her endless task to remove ever more numerous and unbearable content

gb agency PARIS+ ART BASEL
Omer Fast, Karla, 2020
gb agency PARIS+ ART BASEL
Omer Fast, Untitled M.B. (Ghost), 2020 and Untitled M.B. (Pillowcase), 2020
gb agency PARIS+ ART BASEL
Omer Fast, Untitled M.B (Amazon), 2020

Courtesy of Omer Fast & gb agency, Paris

gb agency PARIS+ ART BASEL
Omer Fast, Untitled M.B (Cloud), 2020
gb agency PARIS+ ART BASEL
Omer Fast, Untitled M.B. (Warhol), 2020

A spokesperson for gb agency says,

"For its participation in Paris+ by Art Basel 2022, gb agency is proud to present a stand with selection of major works by Dove Allouche, Apostolos Georgiou, Cally Spooner, Pratchaya Phinthong, Tirdad Hashemi, Paul Heintz and others. The works, made with diverse mediums from performance and its partitions, to sculptures and large installations, will present the visitor a theatre of apparitions made up of visual and conceptual interplays."

Photo: Aurélien Mole

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