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Thru November 20, 2022

Sundays - 3 pm
Mondays - 7 pm
Thursdays - 7 pm
Fridays - 7 pm
Saturdays - 7 pm


Invictus Theatre Company
1106 W. Thorndale



For more information and tickets visit the Invictus Theatre Company website.


Chuck Munro as Julius Caesar
Mikha’el Amin as Marc Antony
Daniel Houle as Caius Cassius
Askenaizer as Marcus Brutus
Rick Yaconis
Brandon Boler
Charlie Diaz
Joe Feliciano
Joseph Beal
Colin K. Jones
John Chambers
Maria Clara Ospina
Gavin Mueller
Huy Nguyen
Rachel Livingston


By William Shakespeare
Directed by Charles Askenaizer
Associate Director: Tristan Odenkirk
Kevin Rolfs (Set and Props Designer)
Emily Bloomer (Costume Designer)
Beau Peterson-Quinn (Wardrobe Supervisor)
Petter Wahlbäck (Sound Designer)
Joe Larkin (Lighting Designer)
Jay Donley (Fight/Intimacy Designer)
Sarafina Vecchio (Text Coach)
Todd Henry Faulstich (Production Manager)
Julia Witty (Stage Manager)
Steve Nordmark is Box Office/Front of House Manager

A spokesperson describes the event as follows:

"...When Caesar’s military prowess and mass popularity put absolute power within his reach, political rivals conspire to assassinate him before he can become Emperor. Through demagoguery, they turn public opinion to their favor. Shakespeare’s tragedy is filled with both action and ideas and will be performed in modern dress in Invictus’s intimate storefront Reginald Vaughn Theater..."

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Photos: Aaron Reese Boseman Photography

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