George Floyd: In Memoriam

Before cellphone cameras made racial realities bare for all to see, artists were creating works that provided a prescient X-ray of today’s headlines. Picture This Post has invited many of these thought leaders on #BLM issues to share their insights from the perspective of their artistic wheelhouses.

To read an interview with one of these culture creators, or to read a Picture This Post review of a work delving into issues of racism, Black and Blue tensions, and more

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Britni Fletcher, Assistant Editor for Black Lives Matter

About the Author: Britni Fletcher, Assistant Editor for Black Lives Matter

About the author: Black Lives Matter Editorial Team

Britni Fletcher, Assistant Editor for Picture This Post’s Black Lives Matter section says, “Picture This Post magazine has taken initiative to highlight Black creatives across the world in hopes of bringing awareness to Black voices.  The Black Lives Matter Movement has been on a rise, due to the disheartening events during the summer of 2020. Picture This Post has not taken these events lightly;  we have created a Black Lives Matter section that highlights dance, music, art and theater through the lens of Black artists. Art is not only a presentation of entertainment but a chance to fight against systemic oppression, racism and White privilege. Together we can make a difference by uplifting Black voices across the world.”

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