Randy Duncan on Dance Now and Always — Interview

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago in Randy Duncan's LOVE INFINITE Photo: Michelle Reid

Chicago dance enthusiasts are well aware of the creativity and leadership of Randy Duncan in the Chicago dance community--- and especially in his always highly anticipated choreography for the finale performances in the Dance for Life benefits.

How fitting that as part of Chicago’s Year of Dance, a world premiere by Randy Duncan, Love Infinite, is being showcased by Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.

Here, Picture this Post (PTP) talks with Randy Duncan (RD) about this premiere and his view of the Chicago dance scene now, before and always.


(PTP) What are you hopes for this world premiere with Hubbard Street Dance Company?

(RD) I never worked with the company as a whole in the past, however, I have worked with individual dancers from Hubbard Street for our annual Dance for Life finale. The company of dancers has always been wonderful, and has kept the quality of dance very high.

My hope for the audiences is to go away having felt a since of love, joy, exuberance, and happiness.

As someone so intimately involved with the Chicago dance, how do you think the Chicago dance community has fared through the pandemic?

Mostly the dance community continued to do what it always does…reflect and make work. Whether on Zoom or in person. We thrive in the midst of disaster.

Dancers Continue to make themselves better by taking class, play around with movement in both traditional and non-traditional spaces, making work to satisfy themselves in the hope that it will satisfy others.


What do you think are the top priorities for achieving an anti-racist framework in the arts/cultural scene?

I think that we must work hard at filling positions with quality people of color.  They must be equally skilled as their white counter parts. On the other hand, and in order to achieve this, we must train our people of color in a way that will give them equal opportunities.


How has working in theater vs. opera vs dance per se been a different experience? 

Working in theater and opera, the story has been written thereby easy to follow the script. In making ballet, you generally have to imagine it yourself, which is far more challenging.

For more information on Randy Duncan’s world premiere, Love Infinite, please visite the  Hubbard Street Dance Chicago website.

Michele Dooley in LOVE INFINITE Photo: Michele Reid

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Photos Courtesy of Randy Duncan and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. All photos of Love Infinite by Michelle Reid.

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