Nazca PERU TOUR Review — Doodles for Whom???

Nazca PERU tour is a chance to see the mysterious lines in the landscape from an aerial view, an intriguing mystery. Take the flight!

A diagram of the Nazca lines in a brochure turns out to be an accurate map of what you see

You too may mistakenly think, as this writer did, that when you see the cartoon-like doodle images used to promote a Nazca Lines flight, that you are looking at a cute Disney-like design made for advertising purposes. No, you are not. This is exactly what you see from up on high.

For the budget-conscious traveler the price tag for a Nazca Lines tour – about US$80 for a half hour flight in the off-season—might seem like a deal breaker. And, for the queasy stomachs, the rumored bob and dive of the small planes might also be a turn-off. Others might worry about safety, even though the widely reported instances of problems are now molding reference points.

Are the Nazca Lines flights really worth it??? YES!

In terms of safety, only an airline mechanic would know for sure, but on the surface there does seem to be keen attention to safety protocols. Of the five tourists on our flight, one did get sick. Yet, to describe it as a wild ride of dives and drops would be quite an exaggeration. It will be a small plane. It will try to allow passengers on both sides see the sights.   Our pilot gave us a relatively steady flight without much tilt action at all.

Nazca PERU
Getting a view of the aqueducts built by the ancient Nazca tribes was an added bonus of the flight we hadn't expected

And the sights are like doodles—of spiders, monkeys, more—but for whom??? You will recognize one spiral squiggle as Peru’s main symbol. But again and again, as your plane zooms in on another cartoon-like doodle, no amount of squinting will give clues as to WHO made these lines in antiquity (500 – 800 AD) and for WHOM, because surely your bird’s eye view from above is THE way to see this etched landscape.

Minimally, someone or some set of someones had to have geometric wisdom. Or, for those who hopefully await the arrival of extraterrestrial aliens from outer space to show homo sapiens a better way, perhaps this is their calling card delivered to your imagination.

File Nazca Lines as definitely worth it!

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