One Year Lease Theatre Company DEAD + ALIVE

One Year Lease Theatre Company DEAD + ALIVE
Image courtesy of One Year Lease Theatre


November 29th-December 10th, 2022

Tuesday-Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 5pm


Connelly Theater
220 East 4th St.
New York City.



For more information and tickets visit the One Year Lease Theatre website.

A spokesperson describes the event as follows:

"...DEAD + ALIVE was inspired by Jewish death and burial rituals as well as a classic clown routine which has basic bits in it like: missing a handshake, tipping a hat, and manhandling the corpse of a friend. Jewish burial customs dictate that a guardian is assigned to watch the recently deceased to ensure that the soul doesn't escape and run amok. It’s an inherently clown-like structure with a “high-status” mourner trying to keep order and a foil: a “low-status” corpse as chaotic trickster..."

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