OVID.tv Presents ADA FOR MAYOR Film Review — From Activist to Mayor

Ada, a woman of small stature, holds her child in her lap and wipes away her uncontrollable tears to the unshown cameraman and interviewer. She is exhausted. She has been the object of put downs by the press, angry citizens, and even has received violent threats. She knows in her mind that stepping out from a crowd of a thousand citizens in Barcelona to be the leader of the anti-eviction movement is not easy, but also is possible.

OVID.tv Film provides a glimpse of Barcelona’s revolutionary era 

By this moment in the film, though, the reason for her tears has been well established and the passions of her political work have been shown. In the very first shots of the film, chaos ensues as we hear a loud crash against a woman’s front doors. Police regiments push past the tenants with heavy duty weapons as building debris crumble down and cries of terror are heard from the innocent tenants. “We will stop this eviction,” cry the anti-evictors standing linked together in arms with their fists in the air.

The scene then cuts to a press conference. White camera flashes spark and center Ada as news reporters surround her with microphones and film cameras absorbing every ounce of her protest movement. This is the first time when we see Ada with tears streaming down her face.

In Ada For Mayor, we see how Ada’s spirits are continually fueled, for example as she hears the roaring applause of her followers and voters who occupy a small square and wait for the final electoral results that will pronounce her Mayor. Most of the film, however, is the boring details of watching planning meetings and the details of political organizing. Besides group meetings, there are many scenes of Ada conversing one to one with a fellow activist when they drill into minute details of planning work. We never see the filmmaker, who is behind the camera. We see the story unfolding also with headlines in the papers and snippets of news broadcast interviews.

The detail of this film lacks in engaging or riveting storytelling in this reviewer’s opinion, Ada For Mayor will be more enjoyable to audiences interested in political activism and those that agree with the anti-eviction struggles at the core of her story and this film.  


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For more information or watch the film, visit OVID.tv page for ADA FOR MAYOR  

Running time: 89 min. 

Director: Pau Faus 

Starring: Ada Colau 

Images Courtesy of OVID.tv

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