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Alena dances with Fabienne under the blue purple party light. They smile. Fabienne offers Alena a rum and coke, she grabs the glass and takes a large drink. “Slow down.” Fabienne replies playfully. Another smile from Alena. The two drift further into the party in search of a more private space. As they retreat to the back, Filippa enters. Her blonde hair and poignant red lips demand center stage. She marches in, a woman on a mission. She insists she has all the evidence she needs to prove new girl Alena is not what she seems, set on exposing her and reclaiming her place as number one in the public eye. Alena’s taken too much from her and she won’t let her have any more. 
Time stops. Everyone turns to look at Filippa as the music abruptly halts. Filippa’s head is turned downward, her thumbs moving across her phone’s screen with purpose.

Alena and Fabienne rejoin the party at the exact moment everyone’s phone chimes in unison, receiving a group text from Filippa. The cinematographer points our focus on Filippa’s distorted face, merging the blue and purple to paint her in angry red. 

Ovid.TV’s Film Alena Presents Schoolyard Bullying as a Thriller

By the time this group text arrives, we have been so immersed in the cruelty of Alena’s world that we wince at the sound of the cell phones receiving Filippa’s photo missive.  16-year-old Alena attends an all-girls private school after mysterious circumstances force her out of public school. Surrounded by rich mean girls with a taste for new blood, Alena attempts to fit in, her new friend Fabienne easing the transition.

However, a haunting past may have planted itself too deep to shake. Relentless bullying from Filippa and wayward influence from an old friend only aids the trauma. 

Finally starting to find a place in the school, Alena joins the lacrosse team. The only problem: Filippa is team captain and refuses to share her glory. After practice one day Alena enters the locker room, the gray harshly lit space a stark contrast to the warm fall colors displayed on the trees outside. She undresses and wraps herself in a towel, heading to the shower. There she’s met by Filippa and her lackeys. Though Alena tries to run, they attack her, forcing her into a stall with one of their other team members who’s happy she’s no longer their main punching bag. A disturbing scene unfolds, setting the standards for the lengths which Filippa will go to to secure her social capital.  Trying to protect herself, a darkness emerges from Alena that she doesn’t recognize.

As the movie develops, you’ll find yourself rooting for Alena to hold on to the happiness she so desperately desires. Alena, in this reviewer’s opinion, is an exciting thriller which explores the psyches of teen girls in unexpected ways. For those triggered by bullying and/or sexual assault, this may not be the film for you.


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Amalia Holm, Molly Nutley, Felice Jankell


Directed by Daniel di Grado 

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