OVID.tv Presents CONVICTION Film Review — One Man’s Word Versus Another

“Mother of three Suzanne Viguier disappeared without a trace. Her husband, Jacques Viguier, was soon suspected of her murder.” 

The above text appears on a black screen. Cut to the man in question, Jacques. He appears shaking and stressed with wandering eyes at the witness stand, on trial for his wife’s murder. We jump cut to Jacques’ acquittal, ten years pass. Jacques is put back on trial for the same case, this time with a new lawyer. Emotions brew as family, friends, and even onlookers try to stick their noses where they don’t belong. 

OVID.tv’s CONVICTION Displays Dangers of Rumors

Conviction pays homage to a real case of a man who was wrongfully accused of murdering his wife. Although there was never any proof that he had ever done anything to his wife Suzanne, he was acquitted and tried ten years after his arrest. Suzanne’s body has still never been recovered to this day 

This case, because of the investigation’s blindness and deficiencies, has become the world cup of different hypotheses.” 

The people around the Viguer family had heard many times on the radio and television about how Jacques is clearly the murderer, and as such, they began to believe it. Generally, mundane tasks have been connected to ones of malicious intent. Hearsay has been turned into witness reports. 

If you like murder mysteries, this is the film for you. However, if gore and drama deter you from enjoying a film, you may want to pass this one. In this reviewer's opinion, this film shows how easily a man can be convicted based on thoughts and ideas alone.


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Marina Foïs
Olivier Gourmet
Laurent Lucas
Philippe Uchan
Jean Benguigui
François Fehner
François Caron
Philippe Dormoy
Jean-Claude Leguay
Armande Boulanger


Director: Antoine Raimbault

To watch CONVICTION, go to the OVID.tv webpage.

Images courtesy of OVID.tv

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