TASHKENT MUSEUM OF APPLIED ARTS — Superlative Displays of Uzbeki Crafts Thru Time

You will find similar cabinetry in other Uzbeki palaces and homes of the well-to-do from earlier times, but seldom in as good a condition as in Tashkent's MUSEUM OF APPLIED ARTS.

Tashkent's Museum of Applied Arts gives aficionados of Uzbeki crafts both cut above collections and cogent explanations of how the culture and crafts have evolved over time.  It started with the early 20th Century collections of an imperial Russian diplomat, preserving many elements of his home and collections as they were first seen.


One learns of the musical instruments used in days gone past, and how they evolved into more modern types.

You get to see carefully preserved costumes, traditional bead work, weavings and ikat designs from older days, as well as comparisons to modern machine made variants.

Although you will see similar collections in other Uzbeki museums, this writer/photographer team found the Museum of Applied Arts displays to be the highest quality, best condition, and accompanied by the most instructive display case captions.

The audioguide available at this museum is especially worthwhile.

Architectural details of Tashkent's MUSEUM OF APPLIED ARTS building per se are also worth a linger. One can admire detailing like this intricate carved door.
Even a rain downspout has a unique handcrafted style at Tashkent's MUSEUM OF APPLIED ARTS

Walking around Tashkent's Museum of Applied Arts is also recommended-- to take in the ambience of the more relaxed and somewhat upscale neighborhood in its surrounds.

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