100 DAYS TO LIVE Film Review — Struggles Of Mental Health And Catching A Killer

Rebecca kisses her fiancé Gabriel and smiles as he exits the breakfast restaurant. But once she’s alone at her table, a discomfort comes over her.

She scans the room. Then she exits the restaurant to catch up to him, but he’s vanished. It’s only when she calls him that she discovers his ringing phone on the ground. Beside it is a leather book whose cover reads, “GABRIEL WAS SAVED.”

She lifts the book with wide, confused eyes. Just the previous day, after leading a session at her suicide prevention clinic, they were on a date and she said yes to his wedding proposal.

100 DAYS TO LIVE Is A Mystery And A Race Against Time

A killer has kidnapped Rebecca’s fiancé, leaving a leather photo album in his place. It contains pictures that shouldn’t exist: happy memories of the couple when no photographers were present. With the help of police detective Jack Byers, Rebecca must piece together the killer’s motive and stop him before it’s too late.

Weaving together mental health struggles like Rebecca’s abusive childhood, the depression of her clients, and the suicidal urges of her previous clients, 100 Days to Live reveals the future of its characters by examining their pasts.

The film contains themes of death and the occult. We travel through a graveyard, a hospital, and a suicide helpline call center and encounter the dead and people moments before death. As Rebecca learns about Gabriel’s kidnapper, his intentions become more clear… and haunting.

100 Days to Live is thorough in telling the origins of its characters, but this viewer found the backstory a bit too prevalent. While enjoyable, it takes up sizeable chunks of the film and delays the hunt for the killer.

Love psychological thrillers, mysteries, and explorations of mental health? If so, 100 Days to Live is for you. But be warned: viewers should have a strong stomach. This film goes up close and personal with self-harm and suicide scenes.


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Run time: 87 Minutes


Heidi Johanningmeir as Rebecca Church
Colin Egglesfield as Gabriel Weeks
Gideon Emery as Victor Quinn
Yancey Arias as Jack Byers


Director/Writer: Ravin Gandhi
Producers: Ravin Gandhi, Christopher Jennings, Rhyan Lamarr
Music: Nima Fakhara, Navid Hejazi
Film Editing: Ethan Maniquis

For more information on this film and how to see it, please view the webpage for 100 DAYS TO LIVE.

Images courtesy of Cinedigm

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