Lifeline Theatre Presents MIDDLE PASSAGE — Preview

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Thru June 5, 2022


Lifeline Theatre
6912 N. Glenwood Ave.



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Lifeline ensemble member Patrick Blashill (Captain Falcon/Ensemble) & Christopher Vizurraga (Peter Cringle/Ensemble); with guest artists Shelby Lynn Bias (Isadora Bailey/Ensemble), Ajax Dontavius (Rutherford Calhoun), Linsey Falls (Papa Zerinque/Fetcher/Ensemble), Benjamin Jenkins (Santos/Ensemble), Monty Kane (Jackson/Ngonyama/Ensemble), Robert Koon (Josiah Squibb/Ensemble), MarieAnge Louis-Jean (Baleka/Ensemble), Kellen Robinson (Tom/Ensemble), & Gerrit Wilford (McGaffin/Ensemble); with understudies Andrew BosworthBryan CarterSam Fain, & Mary Heyl.

Production Team:

Lifeline ensemble members Alan Donahue (Scenic & Properties Designer), Ilesa Duncan (Director/Co-adaptor), Elise Kauzlaric (Dialect Coach), Maren Robinson (Dramaturg); with guest artists Amelia Ablan (Production Manager), Noah Abrams (Master Electrician), Kyle Bajor (Co-Lighting Designer), David Barr III (Co-adaptor), Barry Bennett (Sound Designer), Connor Blackwood (Assoc. Sound Designer), Alex Gendal (Projections Designer), Galen Hughes (Asst. Stage Manager), Harrison Ornelas (Technical Director), R&D Choreography (Violence Designers), Nicole Clark Springer (Choreographer/Movement Designer), Mattie Switzer (Stage Manager), Scott Tobin (Co-Lighting Designer), Shawn Wallace (Composer/Music Director), & Anna Wooden (Costume Designer).

Editor's Note: Read a review of a prior performance by Spence Warren below.

“The social wheel is oiled by debt.”

 In 1830s Louisiana, cunning rogue and recently freed slave, Rutherford Calhoun (Michael Morrow) is forced into a choice between marriage, indentured servitude to gangsters and stowing away aboard a ship bound for the high seas. His choice sends us on a decidedly different sort of swashbuckling adventure.


Lifeline Theatre MIDDLE PASSAGE
(L to R) LaQuin Groves as Santos, Michael Morrow as Rutherford Calhoun, Bryan Carter as Papa Zeringue, and Shelby Lynn Bias as Isadora;

Lifeline Theatre Officiates A Marriage of Tradition and Innovation

 Fog hangs in the air above a massive, detailed model of a sailing ship made of aged wood, metal and ropes which will serve as the multi-functional set while projections of an animated seascape illuminate the floor and back wall. The room temperature is low and - perhaps because the staff has anticipated the potential discomfort of guests - the back of each chair is draped with a blanket.

Lifeline Theatre MIDDLE PASSAGE
(L to R) Michael Morrow as Rutherford Calhoun, and Patrick Blashill as Captain Falcon;

“Your judgement of character is worse than your cookin’!”

Morrow’s Calhoun, alternates between dialogue with other characters in the scene and direct address to the audience throughout the play. Every other actor in this crackerjack ensemble plays two or more roles. You too might find intriguing story insights contained within the choices of who plays who else in this tale of subjugation, lust, coming-of-age, betrayal, and redemption in the antebellum south.

 A Tremendous Feat of Coordination at Every Level

Songs are sung a capella from behind the audience as well as behind and beneath the set, creating an organic kind of surround-sound. Many components of the set are functional; sails unfurl while characters tie off ropes and swing from the boom. Props and costumes are replete with minute detail. You too might find the fights and various other stunts to be visceral and acrobatic.

Lifeline Theatre MIDDLE PASSAGE
(Bottom L to R - Clockwise) Bryan Carter as Allmuseri ensemble, LaQuin Groves as Allmuseri ensemble, Michael Morrow as Rutherford Calhoun, Shelby Lynn Bias as Allmuseri ensemble, Hunter Bryant as Ngonyama, and Demetra Dee as Baleka;

“Useful Boots”

It is the opinion of this particular reviewer that on the whole, despite a rather abrupt and melodramatic conclusion, MIDDLE PASSAGE is a masterfully executed, spellbinding piece of theatre that is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all audiences, particularly those who enjoy their high adventure with a social conscience.

Editor’s Note and Full Disclosure: The author of this review, a Chicago filmmaker, discovered, upon arrival in the theater, that he had worked previously with a member of this cast in one of his films.  Picture This Post policy is to do such disclosures, but we do not prohibit or in any way discourage our many writers who themselves are theater, film, dance, music etc. professionals to steer clear of works where they know cast members.


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Photos by Suzanne Plunkett

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Spence Warren
Spence Warren Photo: Adam Blaszkiewicz

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