OVID.tv Presents KEEP AN EYE OUT (AU POSTE!) Film Review – Death Makes Us Laugh

Fugain recounts the night he found that poor corpse in a pool of blood to the detective,
Commissaire Buron. Fugain’s descriptions position the lens, and consequently the audience, into
his memory of that long night. The cold, misty air transforms his exhaling breath into icy puffs
of vapor. He brings his two fingers up to his mouth, forming a space where a cigarette may rest.
Our inquisitive detective questions this detail of the night, as he has questioned every detail of
the night so far, wondering why a grown man would display the actions of a child. Fugain replies
playfully with the simple explanation that it is fun, brushing off any judgments being passed on

Just then, as he continues with his story and his pretend smoke, a woman enters the frame; one
we’ve seen before. She asks for a cigarette from the imaginary pack Fugain carries around on
cold evenings like this one. Fugain is taken aback with this woman’s sudden appearance. We
have seen here before, yet not really before, but rather much later from now. She pokes her head
into Commissaire Buron’s office during questioning three days after this memory takes place.

“You’re the one-eyed cop’s wife?”, Fugain replies with a simple point to Fiona, the suddenly
appearing curly-haired woman. With this recognition comes Fugain’s simple yet complicated
explanation for knowing her. The dimly lit street corner provides an abnormally comfortable
venue for these figures in this unbounded reverie. Fiona keeps a strong gaze on Fugain as he
works to explain the temporality of one’s own recounting of their memories.

With her instantaneous entrance, the illusioned reality of this memory becomes contorted. We
find ourselves with Fugain and Fiona in an empty, yet welcoming, bar to discuss her one-eyed
husband and Fugain’s current/future interrogation. The two fall into comfortable conversation,
allowing our view to settle in a friendly space.

Just as suddenly, Commissaire Buron’s waving hand rips us away from Fugain’s daydream and
back to the unpredictable reality of the now.

OVID.tv Presents an Eccentric and Quirky Comedy

In this way, this outlandish and surreal tale unfolds in front of our eyes while we laugh
hysterically. As the story jumps in time and place, we begin to piece together the night with the
detective, finding both intriguing and mundane information. Our story began after a long night
of questioning has already exhausted our main suspect, Fugain, who has discovered a dead body
outside his building. We are on a rollercoaster of events that make it impossible to expect what is
coming next. Peculiar side characters drive the story to weird corners where we have no idea
how we will escape. In this reviewer’s opinion, the pile-on of absurdities make it a hysterically
fun ride.

With a short runtime of just over an hour, you too may find yourself wishing for more back and
forth between our vigilant detective and his sincere suspect. This French comedy gives the us
spirited and calculated back and forth conversations where truth itself seems to become a
character that we never fully comprehend. By the closing credits we prepare ourselves for a
rewatch looking to find answers, but perhaps only leaving us with more questions.

Keep An Eye Out is for viewers who enjoy bizarre and absurd comedies and are in need of a
quick laugh.


Benoît Poelvoorde: Commissarie Buron
Grégoire Ludig: Louis Fugain
Marc Fraize: Philippe
Anaïs Demoustier: Fiona
Philippe Duquesne: Champonin
Jacky Lambert: Franchet
Orelan: Sylvain Buron
Vincent Grass: Daniel


Quentin Dupieux: Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
David Sztanke: Music
Elsa Pharaon: Casting
Joan Le Boru: Production Design
Isabelle Pannetier: Costume Design
73 Minutes, in French with subtitles


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For more information on this film and how to see it, visit the OVID.tv website for Keep An Eye Out

Photos Courtesy of OVID.tv

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