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A middle-aged woman named Anne is sitting in a small black car. A look of annoyance is written all over her face. She frowns and loudly sighs as soon as her chauffeur, Guillaume enters the car. Remarking in a monotone voice, she says, “You took your time.” As he begins to apologize, her expression instantly changes from distant to animated, whipping her head and leaning toward Guillaume. 

She exclaims, “You've been smoking! 

At the sudden remark he is stunned and immediately starts lying. She gives him a knowing look. He continues to deny with a panicked expression on his face, shaking, and unable to keep eye contact with her. She grabs his hand and sniffs while he tries to jerk away, continuing to lie to her. 

We cannot help but laugh at the comical interaction between the two grown adults arguing in their restricted space. While Anne tries to get closer to smell him he wants nothing more than to get as far away from her as possible without leaving the car.

Perfumes directed by Grégory Magne contains many scenes like this as the film focuses on the relationship of the two characters who constantly butt heads early on. 

Characters in OVID.tv’s PERFUMES are More Than What Meets the Eye

The well-meaning Guillaume desperately needs to keep his job in order to maintain custody of his ten-year-old daughter. His employer, a talented and famous perfumer, is not making his job easy. Due to her sensitive nose she makes many demands that were not included in the job description. During the moments when Anne orders Guillaume around, there is a comical tone. As both their problems are highlighted, she is not compassionate and he is unable to say no. 

In this writer’s opinion, like the characters the film has duality and balances comedy and solemnity as we learn more about the characters’ situations. Perfumes tells a heartwarming story about personal growth and the impact of relationships during hard times.

For those looking for a slice of life film, Perfumes is worth a consideration. Trigger warning: there is an overdose scene.


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Emmanuelle Devos as Anne Walberg
Grégory Montel as Guillaume Favre


Director: Grégory Magne

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Images courtesy of OVID.tv

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