OVID.tv Presents SHALL WE KISS Film Review — Love Where You Least Expect It

Nicholas spends all day educating the youth as a mathematician, until he complains to his
best friend Judith, a pharmaceutical chemist, about a nagging pain he has been experiencing for
some time. He diagnoses himself with an absence of affection and Judith, unable to see her best
friend suffer any longer, offers to cure him of this ailment. Their solution is sex, and inside her
comfortable Paris loft, she slowly offers herself to him.

A month goes by, and they meet once more at Judith’s loft, their eyes speaking what
their hearts cannot. As they relax in the living room, sitting amongst bone white cushions,
Nicholas shows Judith a picture of his new girlfriend before admitting that his illness has
resurfaced. But to his surprise, she has contracted it too. The two of them deny their feelings for
each other under the pretense of delusion and decide to do it again, to prove there is nothing
there. But after their experiment fails, we see Judith tending to Nicholas, disinfecting the scratch
marks left on his back from their passionate love making.
These two character in Shall We Kiss spend all day working with chemicals and equations but are
incapable of figuring out the bond they have for each other.

OVID.tv Presents a Film That Makes Love Look Complicated

In this writer’s opinion, Shall We Kiss is not your typical romance, but is an engaging
watch. Long takes allow the scenes to breathe and give the actors freedom to express the film’s
themes vividly. The camera lingers on moments for just the right amount of time, making the
emotions palpable to the viewer. The awkwardness of two best friends partaking in sexual
activities is tangible, but the filmmaker knows not to drag it out too long.

Those seeking tender moments and heart-warming scenes should refrain from watching
Shall We Kiss, but those more interested in the deeper intricacies of love and lust should consider
this a good pick for their time


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Julie Gayet

Michaël Cohen

Virginie Ledoyen

Emmanuel Mouret

Stefano Accorsi

Frédérique Bel


Emmanuel Mouret

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