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Greeted by the thunderous roar of a speedy train, we focus on a dusk-colored mountain view being gazed upon by a dapperly dressed young woman through the window of a compartment coach, as she softly smokes from her extended cigarette holder. Her coach door is opened by two grinning short and tall elderly men, with the shorter one greeting her with her surname, despite them being strangers. The young woman smiles, wishing them a good morning and asking if they are also riding the train to reach Istanbul. With the camera focused on the young woman’s smile, the short elderly man offers a correction, claiming that the two are actually the train’s conductors.

Returning to the view of the elderly men, they appear to have manifested conductor suits out of the thin air, yet the young woman remains unfazed. She beckons them in the coach, announcing that she is traveling to Istanbul to reunite with her husband. The short elderly man swiftly ends the conversation by asking the young woman for her train ticket. She places her cigarette holder down and begins to search through her non-existent purse. Distorting reality, we now focus on the woman’s now much older hands as she shuffles through her now existing purse and hands him her “ticket”, which is actually a 10 euro bill. 


The illusion has been broken…

We feel slapped. You too, like this reviewer, may also recoil with discomfort as you discover that this pleasant memory has arisen from yet another senior resident being neglected amidst the hustle and bustle of an elderly care facility’s hectic routine, seeking solace within distant memories as a substitute for the cold treatment received by their caretakers. 

This woman is not the first or only resident of this elderly care facility who seems to find safety by drifting off into old memories. She, like all the facility’s residents, form the backdrop where Emilio, the main protagonist of Wrinkles finds himself. Echoes of screams, moans, cries and delusional speech permeate the halls. 




His new roommate Miguel, a seasoned resident, conveys how it is more of a prison than a care facility. Like the other residents in the facility, Emilio is faced with the dilemma of choosing to stay grounded in reality or drift off into the safety of his memories, a choice that he is slowly becoming unable to decide for himself. 

OVID.tv Helps to Expose a Silenced Societal Issue

Through the eyes of Emilio, we experience the disorienting state that he finds himself in throughout the film as he declines due to Alzheimer’s. Wrinkles depicts the progressive deterioration of Emilio’s psyche. We are forced to feel his confusion as he loses various forms of cognitive function.

Dealing with sudden dissociation, losing track of time, having issues with object permanence and suffering from constant misinterpretation, we too get to experience the fear that emerges from losing one’s sense of self control and autonomy. In this writer’s opinion, the inclusion of these immersive elements makes the film especially compelling and heightens the film’s sincerity in fully representing the struggles of secluded elder facility residents, a typically voiceless community.

Wrinkles is a crucial viewing experience for any individual who hopes to gain insight on the suppressed struggles that senior citizens and elderly care facility residents may face.

Tacho Gonz
Mabel Rivera
Álvaro Guevara

Creative Team:
Director: Ignacio Ferreras


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