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Bathed in the deep blue of moonlight, a young woman walks across the cold and open exoskeleton of the luxurious yet unfinished home that is supposedly hers. Meandering through the home’s halls, filled with a mixture of harsh desert wind and wisps of ghostly whispers, she provides herself a tour of this unfamiliar residence, finding objects and calling them by name as an act of remembrance. “Kitchen” she first signifies, before reaching the home’s water retreat and dipping her fingers in the water, calmly stating: “Pool”. Slowly strolling through the ins and outs of the luxurious home, faint chimes and distorted whispers of her own voice creep over the sound of her footsteps within the halls. 

Unbeknownst to her, she continues along her tour, reaching and blankly signifying: “living room”. From there, she spots an elderly man who is snoring on a mattress, which lies on the home's polished flooring. “Jake” she mutters with contempt, as her eyes remain locked on the man who is supposedly her husband. In an instant, we are transported to the silenced tranquil yet unsettling ambience of the home’s outer walls, as she walks along and signifies: “hallway”, which is structured to provide both shelter and exposure to the outside world. Descending from the steps of this displaced hallway, she returns outside, where the chimes, whispers and wails return in the form of a ferocious growl. 

“Guardhouse” she reaches next, before trucking along the home’s unfinished foundation to find the “garage”, “stairs”, “yard” and “palm tree”. Smiling with comfort from the touch of these familiar objects, she begins to walk with a sense of confidence and relief as she returns to the home before discovering a wide and clear window, holding her reflection. With the sounds of whispers and distorted glitching growing overwhelmingly loud, she faces her mirrored image, questioning the name that she has been told is her own: “Kitty?”.

Slowly, she retreats from her reflection. Staring into her mirrored eyes, she gently places her palm onto the window, touching her reflected form. Edging her face closer, she softly asks herself once again: “Kitty?”. Defeated, she slowly shuts her eyes before harshly banging her head onto the glass, remaining motionless as her forehead lays on her own reflection.    

You Go To My Head portrays the surreal journey of fractured memory through the eyes of Kitty, a Belgian woman who is isolated in the Sahara desert after being saved from a car accident by a wealthy elderly man named Jake, who claims to be her husband.

 Through Kitty’s perspective, we witness her attempts to make sense of her newfound life in spite of her vulnerable state. With every element of her past life hidden, we observe Kitty’s developing acceptance of her altered life as Jake plots to eradicate every aspect of her former self.    

OVID.tv Showcases a Psychedelic Arthouse Experience

In You Go To My Head, patience plays a crucial role during its untangling of the film’s unconventional plotline. Entrancing color work and audio design accompanies us throughout the film’s two-hour runtime as we experience every step of the mind-numbing and head spinning atmosphere that Kitty undergoes. Leisurely dialogue and hallucinogenic imagery keeps us glued to the story. We, like Kitty, navigate through what this writer finds to be an intentionally unregulated and claustrophobic storyline structure.


You Go to My Head is an enthralling viewing experience for any individual seeking a film with intricate and cinematic storytelling.



Delfine Bafort
Svetozar Cvetković

Creative Team:

Director: Dimitri de Clercq

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Najee Manning

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