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Starting with conversations about the MCA’s exhibit “Merce Cunningham: Common Time”, and moving beyond to reviews of dance on our stages, you’ll find amazing insights on dance that come directly from dancers and choreographers talking about what their more experienced choreographer eyes see. (Click a READ MORE button to find their story.)

This is also your place to get a better glimpse into the vibrant dance scene in our midst —way beyond the big name dance companies and often far from the largest venues.

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  • Chicago Sinfonietta PREVIEW -Wilfredo Rivera Choreography

    Chicago Sinfonietta has enlisted choreographer Wilfredo Rivera to show the audience what a new work they have commissioned looks like. Read his story

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  • Chicago Fringe Festival Presents ISHTI'S PRAKRITI

    Chicago Fringe Festival PRAKRITI: A HISTORY OF THE PRESENT

    Chicago Fringe Festival presents Prakriti: History of the Present, performance that explores our reluctance to accept different views. Showing Sept. 3 & 9!

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  • Ayako Kato’s Reflections on choreographer Merce Cunningham

    An interview with Ayako Kato about all things Merce Cunningham and how he has influenced her own work as a dancer and choreographer.

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  • Wilfredo Rivera Talks About Merce and More—Choreographer Spotlight

    Wilfredo Rivera

    Meet choreographer Wilfredo Rivera of Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre as he talks to Picture This Post about Merce and much more.

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  • Sherry Zunker on Merce and VENT - Choreographer Spotlight

    Sherry Zunker

    Picture This Post talks with choreographer Sherry Zunker about Merce Cunningham's choreography and her upcoming collaboration with Wilfredo Rivera.

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  • Ashley Fargnoli profile - dancer, human rights activist, dance therapist

    Ashley Fargnoli

    Ashley Fargnoli, a Chicago-based choreographer, uses her skills as a dance therapist and human rights activist, profile story

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  • Ayako Kato performs BLUE FISH, a dance for Earth Day

    Ayako Kato choreographs and performs a dance lamentation on earth, spirituality and nature for Earth Day at Millennium Park

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  • Pivot Arts Festival Presents AYAKO KATO/ART HUMANSCAPE Review

    Pivot Arts Festival HUMANSCAPE

    The Pivot Arts performance art group presents Ayako Kato/Art Union Humanscape at their 5th annual Pivot Arts Festival from June 1-11, 2017.

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  • Butoh Chicago presents Battle 33 Post Butoh Festival Review

    Butoh Chicago Presents Battle:33 Post Butoh Fest. Review

    Butoh Chicago presents Battle 33 Post Butoh Festival-- Review- with light and meaning an expression also of resistance from several Butoh interpretations

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  • Hedwig Dance Presents TIME AND TIDE in their Spring Series

    Hedwig Dance Presents TIME AND TIDE, part of their Spring Series and a finale to the Chicago Dance Month, at Ruth Page Theater

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  • Joffrey Ballet GLOBAL VISIONARIES choreography review

    Joffrey Ballet presents GLOBAL VISIONARIES spotlight on three cutting edge choreographers re-defining ballet in our time Review

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  • Giordano Dance Spring Series at Harris Theater - Visceral

    Harris Theater Hosts GIORDANO DANCE SPRING SERIES Review

    Giordano Dance performs Spring Series at Harris Theater, reviewed by Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble's Ellyzabeth Adler and Sara Maslanka

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  • Dance Center of Columbia College Presents Liz Gerring HORIZON Review

    Liz Gerring HORIZON

    Dance Center of Columbia College present Liz Gerring in HORIZON- a collaboration that is and is not like that of Merce Cunningham and his partners

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  • Hubbard Street Dance Spring Season 39 Spring Series Review


    Hubbard Street Dance presents Spring Series Season 39 at Harris Theater, with three works showing technical stamina and powerful imagery

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  • Winifred Haun, Choreographer, Talks about Merce Cunningham

    Winifred Haun on Merce

    Winifred Haun, award winning Chicago Choreographer, talks about Merce Cunningham after touring the MCA exhibit about his work

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  • Chicago Dance Crash choreographer Jessica Deahr on MCA Merce exhibit

    Chicago Dance Crash Choreographer Jessica Deahr

    Chicago Dance Crash Jessica Deahr compares her dance world to that of Merce Cunningham, and her reactions to MCA Merce Cunningham: Common Time

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  • Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble Artistic Director on Merce Cunningham

    CHOREOGRAPHER Sara Maslanka

    Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble Artistic Director Sara Maslanka talks about MCA's exhibit "Merce Cunningham: Common Time"

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  • DCASE On Edge festival presents NIC Kay in lil BLK dance about identity

    DCASE Presents NIC Kay

    DCASE On Edge festival presents NIC Kay in lil BLK dance about identity and spirituality in moving performance, reviewed by choreographer Michelle Kranicke

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  • Joffrey Ballet WINNING WORKS competition winners review

    Joffrey Ballet’s 7th Annual Winning Works Review – Good Energy

    Joffrey Ballet showcases emerging talent from minority born choreographers in their Winning Works showcase, reviewed by three leading choreographers

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  • Choreographer/Dancer Michelle Kranicke in another Zephyr work

    Zephyr Dance founder, choreographer Michelle Kranicke, shares her thoughts about the MCA's exhibit "Merce Cunningham: Common Time"

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  • Allison Plamondon on Merce Cunningham's impact on choreography

    Allison Plamondon

    Allison Plamondon, Canadian-born dancer/choreographer and actress now living in New York, shares her thoughts about Merce Cunningham

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  • Choreographer Ashley Fargnoli talks about MCA's Merce exhibit

    Choreographer Ashley Fargnoli

    Choreographer and dance therapist Ashley Fargnoli talks about Merce Cunningham and her thoughts on the MCA's exhibit "Merce Cunningham: Common Time"

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  • Elements Contemporary Ballet Co-founder, choreographer Joseph Caruana on Cunningham

    Choreographer Joseph Caruana

    Elements Contemporary Ballet co-founder, choreographer Joseph Caruana comments on the choreographers' tour of the MCA Merce Cunningham exhibit

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  • Ellyzabeth Adler, co-choreographer of SKIN FOR SKIN interview

    Choreographer Ellyzabeth Adler

    Ellyzabeth Adler, co-choreographer for Agency Theatre Collective's SKIN FOR SKIN shares an inside view of her craft and this Abu Ghraib play

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  • Deeply Rooted Dance 20th Anniversary Performance

    Deeply Rooted Dance

    Deeply Rooted Dance presents a stirring 20th Anniversary showcase, that moves from deep dives in your soul to a joyful finale

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  • Pivot Arts Festival presents Synapse Arts WOVEN DANCE Review

    Pivot Arts Festival SYNAPSE ARTS

    Pivot Arts performance art group presents Synapse Arts WOVEN DANCE performance at their 5th annual Pivot Arts Festival, from June 1-11, 2017.

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